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Obtaining Full name Description
Included with Ultros Debug Injects a REPL, which is usable via the debug command.

The debug plugin provides a very useful and powerful tool for debugging your bot. It injects a REPL into the bot, on the main thread, which can be accessed via the debug command. Please note that this plugin is intended for use by developers; if you’re just running a bot then you should not play with this.


To run some code, use the debug or dbg command. Because code is run using eval, the bot is unable to relay output generated as a return value of whatever you’re doing - it will be printed to the console instead. To get around this, we’ve provided an output function - output(object). Pass it anything you want to be output, and it shall be so.


Making the output function actually work properly was difficult. If you’re running things in threads or otherwise asynchronously, then this plugin cannot guarantee that it will output to the correct location if you run another command while the last one is processing.

Code is run in the scope of the reload() function, which is a member of DebugPlugin. A useful member for working with the bot is self.factory_manager, which manages most of the bot.


Remember to be careful about who you give access to use this plugin. It can grant users full control over the machine the bot is running on, depending on the user the bot is running as.

In short: Don’t let anyone else use this plugin, and don’t use it in production!

Commands and permissions

Commmand Params Permission Description
debug.debug Run some code.